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   Arthur Hood was born in Mobile, Alabama and raised in Mountain Brook, Alabama before relocating to Dallas, Texas, where he spent 10 years structuring investments and financing in various facets of the energy sector, including coal, oil, gas, solar, and biofuels. After forming Global Capital Solutions in 2007, Hood structured, consulted, or brokered more than $300,000,000 in financing for numerous projects. With a reputation for packaging or resolving complicated real estate transactions, Hood and Global Capitol Solutions are often brought in to broker purchases when unforeseen issues stall progress, most notably after Hurricane Katrina forced disruption of a large swath of the Gulf Coast real estate market. In the last decade alone, Hood has participated in a wide range of successful development projects and real estate transactions along the Alabama Gulf Coast. Hood’s role in these transactions has ranged from buyer or seller to all aspects of deal structuring, including locating and securing financing. After forming HV Properties in 2020, Hood’s primary focus is now to his own commercial and residential real estate portfolio. In addition to these lengthy personal holdings, Hood, who splits his time between Dallas, Texas and the Gulf Coast, also owns or operates a number of entertainment and event spaces in 5 U.S. cities, with several more cities slated for development in the entertainment sector through 2024.